PSSI’s Technical Services Team: Ensuring Safety and High Standards

PSSI employs a dedicated Technical Services Team consisting of over 50-Technical Services Managers who are located strategically throughout the U.S. The daily efforts of our associates are directed by the Vice President of Technical Services. PSSI’s Safety and Food Safety Director oversees scheduling of service commitments, documentation of audits and support for our customer base. PSSI assists with an average of 10-third party audits per week with our customers.

Technical Services Team Background

Our Technical Services team has a diverse background including former USDA DVM, Plant Managers, Quality Assurance Managers and Supervisors. Each is trained as a Certified Food Safety Professional, OSHA 10 and 30 hour and has extensive training with GFSI principals and practices conducted by certified GFSI Practitioners and Trainers. Continuous training is conducted for this team to insure they are up to date on the latest audit processes. Each team member is connected via Smart-phones to provide immediate updates and feedback on third party audit expectations or challenging issues.

Technical Services Safety and Sanitation Documentation

“If it isn't documented it didn't happen” is our philosophy and our programs are built around that mantra. Our Cleaning Procedures, Master Sanitation Schedule and Safety Programs Manual are the overarching documents that tie everything together around how we clean the plant, what chemicals are used, employee training on safety, procedures, chemical use and the Master Sanitation Schedule.