PSSI’s Continuous Improvement Programs are Designed to Capture Operational Cost Savings

Our Operational Improvement Teams are utilized throughout all types of manufacturing operations. The majority of these teams focus on better throughput, increasing yields and economizing natural and human resource consumption. Unfortunately, the Sanitation Process is often overlooked as it is normally conducted on an off-shift and perceived to be a lower impact area. In an effort to bridge that gap, PSSI maintains a formal Continuous Improvement Program that focuses on the sanitation process. Our field managers are trained in identifying, documenting, dollarizing, validating and implementing ideas that will positively impact your sanitation operation.

Typical Focus Areas

The sanitation process involves many steps that could adversely affect your bottom line if performed inadequately:

  • Inefficient cleaning practices
  • Equitable job distribution
  • Water and Energy waste
  • Damaged equipment
  • Dry pick-up
  • Pre-op and on-time delivery of the production floor
  • Day chemical distribution and management
  • Equipment and Production floor setup

Hard and Soft Savings Opportunities

Identifying cost saving opportunities is only the first step in the process. PSSI managers are trained to document and dollarize both hard and soft savings. Our Managers will report cost savings on agreed frequencies with the plant management team.