Hourly Positions

PSSI’s hourly positions involve working with other crew members to complete sanitation of food processing plants. Night sanitation takes place during a relatively short window of time. The sanitation environment is wet, humid, and undergoes extreme temperature changes. This job also involves working under a supervisor around large processing equipment in which chemicals will be used to complete the sanitation process.

Essential Functions:

  • Frequently lift/move hoses, equipment, and chemical containers weighing 20-80 lbs.
  • Assist in transporting heavy equipment with forklifts or other devices.
  • Wear employer-specified protective gear, including three pairs of gloves, face/eye shields, aprons, boots
  • Exposure to chemical cleaning solution (with protective gear)
  • Perform varying tasks while standing, lifting, crouching, etc.
  • Perform all tasks safely, and in a manner that will not create or pose a direct threat to the health and/or safety of the sanitation worker or any other person 

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