FAQs about Contract Sanitation

Q: What is Contract Sanitation?

A: Contract Sanitation provides an outsourced, turn-key sanitation program for your food processing facility. This program includes the labor and all associated costs, the necessary management to ensure the program is complete, sanitation chemicals, sanitation equipment, insurance, protection and reporting and documentation.

Q: What are your geographies do you cover?

 PSSI is the largest contract sanitation provider with full coverage in the US and Canada.

 Q: We do our sanitation in-house because we feel it gives us more control. How do we still maintain control if we contract this out?

A: PSSI becomes an integral part of your team. We are engaged in your plant planning and quality meetings, provide all documentation and respond to your requests. The only difference is our uniforms say PSSI. You will gain more control because our services allow you to focus on your core competency.

Q: We have a union plant, how do we work through this? 

A: Each case is different but over 70% of the plants we service are union plants. We work with you and your Union to ensure that your employees are treated with respect and are not affected negatively.

Q: Do you provide services outside of the production areas?

A: Yes. PSSI can provide all plant non-product contact jobs including, but not limited to, janitorial services, cleaning exterior areas, loading docks, storage areas and warehousing.  


Still have more questions? See our extended FAQs.