Our Proven Process Ensures a Seamless Transition 

Before we implement our sanitation services at your facility, PSSI works through the following processes with you to ensure that we fully understand your sanitation program:

1. PSSI will schedule an on-site meeting at your facility to understand more about your operation

2. A comprehensive site assessment is performed. This assessment will focus on all input costs of your current program.

3. We will look at opportunities and make initial recommendations where we believe we can positively impact your operation from a quality and operation's perspective.

4. Once our Site Assessment is completed, we will draft and present a comprehensive proposal to your management team.

New Plant Start Up

Our deep resources make us uniquely qualified to efficiently take over any sized food manufacturing operation's sanitation program. Depending on the size of the operation, we are on-site 2-4 weeks ahead of the changeover to be fully prepared for the start date. During start up transition we will have experienced support staff on-site to ensure the following:

  • Possible hurdles to the changeover were properly anticipated.
  • Disruptions to the sanitation process are minimized.
  • Your production schedule is unaffected