From our humble beginnings in a market segment that barely existed, to a high performing organization larger than all of our competitors combined, our culture of being entrepreneurial, hard working and finding the best solutions for our customers has not changed.



1973 PSSI was founded in Mt. Pleasant, IA by Tom Turner of Bonewitz Chemical
1977 PSSI merges with the Chemidyne Corporation
1983 Combining Chemidyne’s chemical products with PSSI’s services led to rapid growth
  PSSI was then cleaning 25 plants with 1,000 to 1, 500 employees
1983-1996 Current PSSI CEO Jeff Kaiser joins the PSSI team
1987-1988 Chemidyne Corporation sells its assets to PSSI
1989 PSSI is sold and begins to operate independently
1997 Jeff Kaiser leaves PSSI and founds Kaiser’s Contract Cleaning Specialists, Inc (KCCSI)
1997-2009 KCCSI and PSSI begin a decade of intense competition in the contract sanitation industry
2007 PSSI is purchased by Blue Point Capital
2010 KCCSI is also purchased by Blue Point Capital. The two organizations are merged and called PSSI
2011 Blue Point Capital sells PSSI to Harvest Partners. PSSI operates with the same structure,
  but now has additional resources and financial backing from Harvest Partners
2012 PSSI acquires Superior Contract Cleaners
2013 PSSI acquires DCS Sanitation Management, Inc. 
Present PSSI currently cleans over 450 plants each night and employs over 15,000 employees